In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), if an individual wants to practice within a profession, they will need to obtain a professional license. Healthcare professionals in Abu Dhabi must obtain their license through the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and therefore, must take the HAAD Exam.
The first step in this process involves paying a fee for Data flow, going on a training course and then finally sitting exams for Ministry approval. There are different specialties of exams depending on the students profession:

Doctors in Abu Dhabi must obtain specific licenses from HAAD depending on whether they are interns, general practitioners, specialists, consultants or resident doctors.

Dentists must obtain specific licenses from HAAD depending on whether they are interns, general dentists, specialists, consultants or resident dentists.

Nurses too must obtain their license from HAAD depending on whether they are applying for registered nurse, registered midwife, nurse practitioner, mental health nurse, pediatric nurse, community nurse or assistant nurse.

Pharmacists need to take a different exam on the basis of their specializations, although specializations in pharmacy are limited the HAAD classify pharmacists into clinical pharmacists, community pharmacists and pharmacy technician.


All health-care professionals including doctors, technicians, dentists, pharmacists and Nurses required to take the HAAD exam need to attend the CBT exam, this comprises of 100 MCQs with a time limit of 2.5 hours (150 minutes), this gives you 90 seconds per HAAD exam question. Marking is based on the professionals country of origin, for instance, a student taking the exam from India must achieve 80% or more to pass the exam. If you fail the exam you will need to wait 3 months before taking the exam again.

Data Flow and Exam registration

We do data flow and Exam registration works. We also provide Good standing certificate from the medical council (Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh). We arrange BLS classes for students those who haven’t BLS Certificate. For Data Flow Good standing certificate and BLS certificate is Mandatory.


Those B.Sc. Nurses or Post B.Sc. Nurses who have working experience more than Two years with in last three years can apply for HAAD Exam for Registered Nurses. Those who have diploma certificate can apply for practical nurses exam. First of all they have to verify their certificates through Data Flow. It may take One to three months duration. Required certificates for Data Flow are Degree certificate, Transcript certificate, Council Registration Certificate, 10th and +2 certificate, Good Standing certificate, BLS Certificate, Experience certificate (minimum 2 years) for last five years, Copy of Pass port (First and Last page) One Passport size Photo (white background) , declaration certificate, authorization letter and all degree mark list.

HAAD Courses We Provide

A2Z English AcademyAluva gives an adequate training for our students to score well. To achieve a better score you have to take system practice and to go through all the study materials. We make you confident to score well. All students must take system practice in the class room itself every day. We also provide materials to practice at home. We have three trained teachers to teach. Those who need individual attention we provide it. We work for your result.
A2Z English Academyoffers two HAAD Courses to help students to achieve a high score in the HAAD.

Regular Course

It is course of 40 days class. Every student is given 3 hrs. Theory class and then after practical class every day. We provide flexible time for working candidates.

Crash Course

We give crash courses for all students those who have limited time duration to appear the exam.